Minoxidil once used needs to be used life time?

Hair is an unusual organ. Every 3-4 months it automatically goes in a sleeping or resting phase. This hair should naturally come back to growth phase.However, due to influence of various factors the follicles continue to remain sleeping, stop producing hair and then finally become dead leaving behind a bald area. Gradually more and more follicles are affected leading to progressive baldness. Minoxidill wonderfully stimulates the follicles to remain in the growth phase, with external application and very low concentration of 2-5%. Not only minoxidil but any mode of stimulation will have to be used continuously for a sustained effect. LLLT laser, peptides, capaxil, meso injections, growth factors, PRP, all are effective only until they provide the support. Hair loss is not a disease like cough, cold, fever that can be treated with a cure. Hair loss is a slow down or failure of the natural body systems. Hair loss management is a care program to achieve good growth. As long as we take care the hair growth is excellent, if we do not continue to care the hair growth gradually becomes weak again.

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