Hair growth can be achieved either by fighting the damage or improving the natural growth. We focus on accelerating the natural hair growth. Hormones cause hair loss by miniaturization and reversal of hair growth cycles. However there are many more factors that affect hair growth by causing dis regulation of the growth cycles or through inefficiency or lack of nutrients essential for hair growth. Only if all other growth factors are perfectly in place the hormones are responsible. But in factors for general hair growth and wellness itself are distributed there is no requirement of holding the hormones responsible. First we should ensure adequate stimulation for hair growth, hold the hair in growth phase, supply the essential nutrients required for the formation of the hair, and then lastly prevent the damage being caused to good growing hair. Adequate hair regrowth can be achieved and maintained without the use of any medicines, steroids or anti-hormone treatments, just by using
vitamins,minerals,lotions,applications and low light laser therapy, LLLT ,once a week.

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