Medical Emergencies in Hair Restoration Surgery

Medical Emergencies in Hair Restoration Surgery

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Although complications in Hair Transplant are uncommon, it has been documented that 2% to 3% life threatening emergencies do occur during hair transplant procedure. The fact remains that, if such event occurs the incident suddenly becomes 100%.So that it is absolutely necessary we owe it to our patients and ourselves to be prepared for this unlikely situations.

Materials and Methods

Here we intent to describe and get prepared for medical emergencies under following categories

  1. Describe how a physician can prepare a faculty and its staff to respond for emergency situations.
  2. Approach of whole team to specific emergency situations.


Physician prepares its entire team to the BLS /ACLS trained. Each individual in the team should know their specific role by proper repeated rehearsals and training. Physician also looks into working condition of all equipments and availability of life saving emergency drugs before starting of the procedure and transfer of patient to higher centre if needed.

Most common emergency condition in hair transplant will be vaso vagal reactions followed by anaphylactic reactions, hypo/hyperglycemia, and hypo/hypertension, cardiac arrest/arrythemias.Its absolutely necessary for a hair transplant surgeon to anticipate above mentioned emergency condition in each and every case and treat it accordingly.


Proper documentation and recognition of high risk patients during initial consultation, with proper trained staffs and qualified surgeon with well equipped OT and monitored anaesthesia with full fledged emergency backup helps not only saving lives but also reduces medico legal problems.

It’s also important to keep a team up to date by conducting mock trials of catastrophic collapse of patients at regular intervals.

Losing 50 to 100 hairs a day is NOT normal

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It is normal to lose 20 -100 hairs a day as 10% of your hair is always in resting
OR fall phase. If you lose full length hair with a small white end denoting the
root, this is telogen shedding which can grow back in the next 4 months cycle.
If you get multiple small strands falling all over, this is hair breakage due to
weak hair shafts. Hair breakage commonly occurs in nutritional deficiencies
and hair abuse, perming, straightening, curling, use of chemicals, frequent
coloring, and exposure to excess heat or excess cold.

What is exactly hair transplantation?

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In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to the bald scalp. It can also be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts and previous hair transplants.

This process works for a life time because the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are genetically resistant to baldness, regardless of where they are relocated to. It  takes three to five months after surgery for the surgically transplanted hair follicles begin to emerge as new hair .The transplanted follicles grow very thin initially and gradually gets thicker and fuller in volume over time. In a year’s time hair will be fully mature and will continue to grow for a life time.

Nature of treatments: Undertaking below mentioned

Hair Treatments

  1. Hair transplantation
  2. Hair restoration
  3. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
  4. FUE (Follicular Unit Excision (Incision +Extraction))
  5. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  6. Hair Transplantation by Suction Technique
  7. Long Hair Transplantation

Hair medicines have side effects?

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Since hair loss is not a disease, there are no medicines that can be used to cure hair loss. We promote hair growth using vitamins, minerals ,amino acids, choice of minoxidil or bio-mimetic peptides or herbal hair stimulants and laser theraphy.No steroids, enzyme blockers,anti-hormones are required. Blocking DHT with enzyme inhibitors is one of the many ways to achieve assured results without the use for finasteride.Our treatments are medicine free and
finasteride free, with no possibility of side effects.

The role of restricted eating?

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All of us today are weight watchers. We never eat full stomach like our ancestors. It is very common to find hair loss patients saying that their grandparents still have thick black hair.Well,they were eating better .Body has
lowest priority for hair growth. Body feels we can survive without a single hair growing on the head. Only after meeting all the body requirements any leftover reaches the hair. Any event of fever, surgery, injury, travel, physical
exertion, stress, disturbance of lifestyle, first thing to be shut down is hair. Body concentrates resources towards other systems and then the sleeping hair follicle may not grow back until the conditions are most favourable for hair

People experiencing hair loss aren’t brushing their hair enough

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Brushing the hair allows the natural oil secretions from the base of the hair to spread all along the hair shaft and impart a healthy look. There is damage from hair pulling and friction during brushing .Excessive or more frequent brushing can cause hair breakage and hair loss. Brush your hair 2 times a day. Trimming your hair will cause your hair to grow faster. Trimming the hair does not increase hair growth. But trimming can get rid of split ends. Trimming can make you appreciate hair growth as it grows back. After a certain length the hair tends to coil up into a curl and does not to gain additional length .Trimming removes the curls making you feel the hair is
growing once again

I can see hair falling, means hair growth has stopped and nothing is growing?

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Hair growth and hair fall are two different cycles. If some of the hair roots are in fall phase, there are other hair roots which at the same time are in growth phase. You will still continue to get new hair roots even you see hair loss. The
treatments ensure that more hair will grow back to replace the lost hair.

Grey hair can be treated with medicines?

The hair follicle has two kinds of cell systems. One for creating new hair and second for supplying pigment to growing hair follicle .Greying results when the pigment cells have died or stopped functioning due to UV
exposure,pollution,accumulation of free radicals,stress,nutritional deficiencies and these cannot be regained with any known medicine to date. Many empirical treatments are tried, each one as ineffective as the other.

Why do we need to continue the hair care program?

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Our body feels we can survive without growing a single hair on the head. We have evolved from hairy monkeys to humans by losing the hair. By evolution the hair growth suppression is stronger than the growth program. All other
systems in the body have a natural repair and restoration, but hair loss has no natural attempt for repair. If we want the hair to grow, we have to send a special invitation to the hair to grow. Once we invite the hair into the growth
phase we feed it with iron, calcium, amino acids, minerals required for formation of new hair. Create a toxin free environment for the growing cell to divide and produce new hair by using antioxidants. If we do not invite the hair
continues to sleep and never come back to growth phase. A low dose care program is thus continuously required to maintain hair growth.

Oil can grow hair?

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Coconut oil has is a lauric acid derivative. The long chain polymer structure of the coconut oil matches with the structure of the hair. The oil soaks and occupies the spaces between the cuticle scales and does not allow the dust,
dirt, chemicals, shampoos, detergents, soaps, pollutions etc to enter the hair shaft. Coconut oil can protect the hair. In hot climates coconut oil can help in keeping the scalp and the hair soft, manageable.Coconut oil gets absorbed in
to the hair up to 76-80%.Other oils are far below .The next helpful oil for good absorption in the scalp is sesame oil. All ayurvedic herbal preparations are recommended in sesame oil which is an excellent medium of delivering
activities through the skin.

You need medicines, steroids or anti-hormone treatments to grow hair?

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Hair growth can be achieved either by fighting the damage or improving the natural growth. We focus on accelerating the natural hair growth. Hormones cause hair loss by miniaturization and reversal of hair growth cycles. However there are many more factors that affect hair growth by causing dis regulation of the growth cycles or through inefficiency or lack of nutrients essential for hair growth. Only if all other growth factors are perfectly in place the hormones are responsible. But in factors for general hair growth and wellness itself are distributed there is no requirement of holding the hormones responsible. First we should ensure adequate stimulation for hair growth, hold the hair in growth phase, supply the essential nutrients required for the formation of the hair, and then lastly prevent the damage being caused to good growing hair. Adequate hair regrowth can be achieved and maintained without the use of any medicines, steroids or anti-hormone treatments, just by using
vitamins,minerals,lotions,applications and low light laser therapy, LLLT ,once a week.